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 MVP et Raven: pas des amis... / JBL prédit une montée de la TNA

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Scott Hall

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MessageSujet: MVP et Raven: pas des amis... / JBL prédit une montée de la TNA   Dim 3 Jan - 17:35

Durant une entrevue pour l'émission de radio "Opie and Anthony", MVP a raconté que lors d'un match d'essai pour la TNA, il a été pris à partie par un lutteur.

C'est nul autre que Raven qui avait alors tenté de l'intimider. Mais MVP a répliqué vivement et Raven a alors affirmé que c'était une blague...


JBL se réjouit, sur son blogue, de la rivalité plus forte qui s'installe entre la WWE et la TNA.

Bien qu'il rappelle que la WWE a eu le dessus sur la WCW (et sur Vince Russo, qui fait partie de la TNA) et qu'il croit qu'elle gagnera la guerre, il croit que Dixie Carter - qu'il respecte beaucoup - saura bien s'en tirer et mieux faire connaître sa compagnie, notamment au niveau international.

Il a également de bons mots pour Eric Bischoff... mais beaucoup moins sur Vince Russo.

Voici le texte original.

Citation :
I am loving the Monday Night Wars being back, or at least a one night skirmish on January 4th between WWE and TNA.

Greatest trade in history was Vince Russo to WCW, it drove WCW into bankruptcy and WWE to buying their competitor and establishing world dominance. We, at the time, were starting to think that Vince McMahon was sending Russo to destroy the competition it was so bad.

Now, years later you have the same characters going at it again. For fair competition I hope TNA got rid of their version of Ryan Leaf or else it will be short war.

I can remember the invasion of WCW in Virginia. Brisco organized the guys to stay around in case something happened after the show, so everyone-Shamrock, Blackman, the Harris boys, Ron and I and many others "escorted" Vince to his car that night because it was that wild of a time. It was fun.

What would have been real fun is if Haku had showed up and he and Shamrock had gotten into it-it might still be going on. Talk about two tough guys. From what I understand the guys who "invaded" WCW were told that if Haku had come out, just go ahead and find a way to get out of dodge.

Talk about the wild west. I don't think it will get that crazy again, but you never know.

WCW was run by the inmates from what I understand. Which is one reason I think they lost. Also, I think WWE just had a better machine run by Vince and Kevin Dunn. However, if not for WCW the "Attittude" era would probably have not come into being. And, if not for Eric Bsichoff-guaranteed contracts would not have come into being.

A couple of great stars were created in that era. Goldberg, Stone Cold and The Rock being the biggest along with DX. Probably the greatest time in wrestling history. I can remember doing an 8 average for the second hour of Raw.

Of course, got to brag-the highest rated segement of the era-Ron Simmons versus Bradshaw followed by Stooges versus Mean Street Posse. We did an 8.6 if I remember, the highest rated regular segment ever in wrestling TV history that didn't have an overrun.

Now to my friend Mick Foley, if I am wrong here I will admit it. But as far as I remember this was the highest rated segment ever that didn't have an overrun-if I am wrong please correct me. I have been hit on the head with many chairs and numbers get mixed up now.

So the big question is-how does this war end?

My guess-WWE will win but TNA will make a place for themselves.

WWE has better overall talent and a deeper roster. However, as much respect as I have for that top talent-they have been the top talent for some time except for a few exceptions-Sheamus. Somewhere down the line WWE fans will get tired of top talent wrestling each other over and over. In the past WWE has created new talent, their future still depends upon that because a lot of the top talent are older and won't be around in 5 years.

TNA has the underdog and new guy going its way, it also has Eric Bischoff who I greatly respect. I think Eric on his round two with Vince will be prepared. Along with Hulk who wants to badly compete with Vince as well.

Main thing here is international TV rights, which both covet and make money off of. With Hulk and Eric in the mix, TNA will get clearance in many good markets to add to their international profile. Also, with Dixie Carter, who is a good friend and someone I respect-you won't have the WCW oversized corporation.

TNA can live of of International tours and international TV rights by the way.

While still a WWE guy, I have good friends in TNA who have many things going for them at this time and WWE is going to be in for a fight again. Warning-WWE has never lost one of these fights.

WCW killed Germany for us, they would book top stars who wouldn't show up and that killed a great market. Of course I had a little problem in Germany, but I can't blame that on WCW.

I have made my prediction-WWE wins but not by knockout and TNA comes through it to carve their own niche. All better for the guys that wrestle and for fans. It's going to be fun and glad to be watching this time from the outside.

WWE has a machine that is hard to beat and until Vince and Kevin Dunn are no longer with company, which I think only death will stop them working, I think they continue to be a great sports entertainment company that throws off a lot of cash for shareholders.

Eric is in a much better situation than last time, this time it is different- but he is still fighting a great machine in WWE- let the fighting begin!!

Source: FnLutte

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MVP et Raven: pas des amis... / JBL prédit une montée de la TNA
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